Trains used to avoid detection

NEW DELHI, MARCH 3. Investigations into the seizure of a huge haul of "hawala" money along with gold and silver from Old Delhi railway station in a joint operation by the Military Intelligence and the Delhi police have revealed that those behind the whole affair are taking extreme precautions in smuggling out such consignments from the Capital to evade detection.

Instead of sending the consignment through road transports, which would have taken a long time, the subversives chose trains apparently to evade detection as thousands of such parcels are couriered across the country everyday and it becomes almost impossible for the police to check what each contains.

In this particular case, the parcels containing cash and precious metals did not bear the particulars of the sender. Instead, they were packed in such a manner that receivers at the other end at Ahmedabad could easily identify them. On a closer look, the sleuths have found that the parcels had been stitched using red, yellow and green coloured threads. They suspect that the information about the same must have been passed on to the receivers again for easy identification.

Also, the subversives chose a non-descript courier agency like Jai Laxmi Parcel Courier to send the consignment in order to avoid detection by the police. It is suspected that the subversives are also taking the services of other such courier agencies operating mainly from Kuncha Khasi and other areas of Old Delhi. "Since there are hundreds of such courier agencies, it becomes difficult to keep a close watch over each of them," said a police officer, adding that there was an urgent need to increase electronic and physical surveillance at the railway stations to prevent such incidents in future.

While going through the records of the seven parcels in question, which were with the Jai Laxmi Parcel Courier agency, the police have found that they were to be received by one Ravi Bhai, which appears to be a fictitious name, said the police officer. While further probe into the matter is on, the police have not ruled out the possibility that the culprits would have earlier sent more such consignments to different parts of the country from the Capital using the same modus operandi. Meanwhile, the Delhi police are planning to contact their counterparts at Ahmedabad to trace the person who was supposed to receive the consignment.