Teachers' role in creating better environment stressed

NEW DELHI SEPT. 6. Stressing the need for taking up environment-related issues more prominently in schools, the former President, K.R. Narayanan, today said teachers could play a pivotal role in nurturing attitude and values among children for developing a better environment and making them realise their duties and role in preserving the earth.

Mr. Narayanan, who was addressing a workshop on "Role of Teachers for Better Environment" in the Capital, said, "Teachers have always played an immensely important role for the progress and development of society. At a time when mankind is threatened by environmental disaster endangering the very existence of life on earth, the role of teachers has become all the more important."

Pointing towards the students' successful campaigns against use of polythene bags and use of firecrackers, the former President said students of the Capital had proved that they could also make a difference in preserving environment. "Growth of such healthy attitude among children augurs well for a sustainable future at the forefront of which remain school teachers and their pupils."

According to Mr. Narayanan, the Rio Summit on Environment and Development adopted "Agenda 21" which outlined a blueprint to effectively address the environmental crisis confronted by mankind. It incorporated a special chapter on "Promoting Education, Public Awareness and Training" and stated "education is critical for promoting sustainable development and improving the capacity of the people to address environment and development issues". "In this context, it outlined the duty of school teachers and prescribed that they should promote and innovate educational methods to generate environmental consciousness among children," he added.

Hoping that the workshop would be useful for the teachers to further enrich their knowledge about environment and help them to impart quality education on environment to children and generate awareness among them for promoting sustainable development, Mr. Narayanan lauded the inclusion topics like "The role of school in environmental protection", "Environment as a discipline", and "Attitude development towards environmental awareness" for discussion during the workshop.

The workshop, where teachers from leading schools participated, was organised by the Indian Institute of Contemporary Management (IICM), Noida, in association with the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

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