Spotlight on cancer management

NEW DELHI MARCH 29. Aimed at providing the best medical care for patients of cancer and to understand the diseases better in order to aid treatment, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital will be hosting a two-day international cancer conference, on "Management of Breast and Coloreactal Cancer'' from March 30. About 300 delegates from India and abroad are expected to take part in the seminar that will be inaugurated by Delhi's Minister of Health, A.K.Walia, and Vice-Chancellor of Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, K.K. Aggrawal.

The conference is expected to provide a common platform to share a plethora of knowledge, rapidly emerging in all fields of cancer surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and molecular biology of cancer.

At a press conference here today, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital chairman, S.K. Sama, said "breast cancer and colorectal cancer are common malignancies in our country. Breast cancer is the second common cancer, modified radical mastectomy used to be the treatment of choice. But now, breast conservation surgery, radiothera, systemic chemotherapy hormones is recommended. These are the kind of developments that we hope to discuss during the seminar, so that we provide the best patient care, comparable to world standards.''

Topics to be discussed in the seminar include -- `Who will develop coloreactal cancer?, sphincter saving surgery, transanal endomicrosurgery, role of new drugs, international video conference on laparoscopic surgery of CRC' -- for colorectal cancer. For breast cancer the topics that would be discussed include ductoscopy and ductography, sentinel lymph node biopsy, breast reconstruction, gene therapy and new molecules.

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