Spanish delegation discusses urban rejuvenation with DDC

A delegation of experts from the Spanish town of Bilbao, which was ravaged by floods in 1983 and has since been rebuilt, shared its views on urban rejuvenation with the recently-appointed Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC) on Tuesday, while laying emphasis on the local-level initiatives for urban planning and zoning.

The representatives of the Basque Government from Spain attended a workshop on “Urban experiences: Bilbao and Delhi”, organised by the Centre for Public Affairs and Critical Theory of Shiv Nadar University, where they interacted with DDC member-secretary Ashish Joshi.

The workshop enabled the experts from Spain and India to exchange ideas and urban experiences in Bilbao and Delhi. The discussions concluded with an emphasis on the need for local-level initiatives, creation of public spaces, and environment and pollution control. Experts said priority should be accorded to mobility and public transport in cities in this process. The Spanish and Indian delegations met DDC vice-chairperson Ashish Khetan on Tuesday evening and apprised him of the initiatives taken by the Bilbao town on urban rejuvenation and governance. According to official sources, the discussions focusedon river front management, waste management, preservation of culture, and air and water pollution.

The DDC has been appointed by the Aam Aadmi Party-led government with the objective of implementing its vision for governance.

Workshop enabled experts from Spain and India to exchange urban experiences in Bilbao and Delhi

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