Security situation improving in J&K, says Govt. report

Noting that there has been “distinct signs of improvement” in internal security situation in militancy-affected Jammu and Kashmir, a latest Ministry of Home Affairs report has said there has been a decline in terrorist violence in the Kashmir valley. However, after years of lull, infiltration attempts are on the rise from across Pakistan forcing security forces to up their guard.

“The internal security situation showed distinct signs of improvement over the previous years. The level of infiltration from across the border and the resultant terrorist activities in the valley of Kashmir showed a significant decline. The incident of terrorist violence declined from 499 in 2009 to 488 in 2010 and 340 in 2011 to 220 in 2012,” said the MHA’s Annual Report 2012-13.

Pointing out that there has been a perceptible decline in the number of terrorist incidents and casualties of civilians and security forces personnel in 2012 compared to last year, the report said: “Last year (2012) witnessed over 35 per cent decline in the number of terrorist incidents and more than 54 per cent and almost 52 per cent decrease in civilians and security forces fatalities respectively compared to 2011.”

The MHA report further said there has also been fall in the number of terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir. While 100 militants were killed in 2011, this has come down to 72 in 2012. Since 2005, there has been a gradual decline in the number of civilians and terrorists killed in the state. “In 2005, 557 civilians were killed, and this number came down to 389 in 2006, 158 in 2007, 91 in 2008, 71 in 2009, 47 in 2010, 31 in 2011 and 15 in 2012. Similarly, 917 militants were killed by security forces in 2005, which dropped to 591 in 2006, 472 in 2007, 339 in 2008, 239 in 2009 and 232 in 2010,” a senior MHA official said.

Though the report said the Kashmir valley was “comparatively free of major law and order/civil disturbances” in 2012, it highlighted that there been an increase in infiltration attempts in Jammu and Kashmir in 2012 compared to 2011. Interestingly, between 2005 and 2011 attempts by terrorists to cross Indo-Pak border had shown a decline.

“There has been a considerable decline in infiltration attempts since 2005 when 597 such attempts were made, which came down to 573 in 2006, 535 in 2007 and 342 in 2008 before going up to 485 in 2009 and 489 in 2010. But in 2011 only 247 infiltration attempts were made at the international border from Pakistani side, which has gone up to 264 in 2012. It is a matter of concern for our security forces,” the official noted.

“Jammu and Kashmir has been affected by terrorist and secessionist violence, sponsored and supported from across the border from almost two decades. So far, these terror incidents have claimed 13,861 civilians and 4,822 security personnel (till December 2012),” the report said.

Stating that the Centre in tandem with the State government has adopted a multi-pronged approach to contain cross border infiltration, the official said the steps being taken include strengthening of border management, multi-tiered and multi-modal deployment along the International border/Line of Control and near the ever changing infiltration routes, besides focusing on border fencing and using improved technology, weapons and equipment coordination.

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