`Sacrifices made for freedom should be remembered'

NEW DELHI, MARCH 24. Emphasising the need to incorporate more on India's freedom struggle into school textbooks, actor-turned-politician Sunil Dutt has urged youngsters to fight for the country's unity and revive the feeling of patriotism.

Speaking at a function organised at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) here on Tuesday evening to commemorate the Bhagat Singh martyrdom day, Mr. Dutt asked the students to fight for principles and said: "The country came into being after much difficulty and struggle. But the country is today being divided over caste, region and religion. Our youngsters are getting misled. It is our duty to ensure that those who lost their lives for our freedom are remembered. The feeling seems to be missing in us now."

Organised by Sadbhavana Ke Sipahi, an initiative launched by the actor last year to evoke patriotism in the country, the event was supported by Anhad, Sajhi Virasat, PEACE, Savera, TRUST, Kriti team and Humdum India.

Speaking on the occasion, poet and social activist, Gauhar Raza, described the legendary freedom fighter as a face that will stay on in Indian memory forever and a man who rebelled against societal norms and refused to accept anything that he did not believe in. "Today we have a new definition of nationalism being given to us. We need to understand the meaning of being Indians. There is as much dirt in the country as there is goodness. And the decision on which tradition to follow is your own individual choice," he said.

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