Residents of Patparganj Village on the warpath

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The residents of Patparganj Village in East Delhi are up in arms against the local Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) officials for not considering their pleas regarding faulty construction of metalled road in their area. So much so that a group of residents on Monday opposed the construction of the road in the village forcing officials concerned to stop the work.

According to an area residentof the 200-foot-long road, 50-foot has already been constructed, while concrete was lying on the remaining portion of the road for the past one-week. As a result, people were unable to use vehicles and facing problems even while walking.

"We have been asking the civic body officials to first remove old metalled road and relay a new one as the level of the road is reaching the plinth level of houses in the area that will ultimately lead to flooding of houses during winters. Year after year they have been putting concrete over concrete, hence raising the road level," said the resident. Alleging that archaic methods were being used in the construction of roads as no proper mechanised machinery was being used to relay roads, he said on Monday morning when workers came to the site, a group of residents asked them to stop the work and junior engineers were told to ask their seniors to visit the spot to discuss the issue with them.