Reaching out to the Capital's senior citizens

Mandira Nayar

NEW DELHI: There will certainly be much more to this cup of coffee. Laced with more than caffeine, it could save your life. Reaching out to senior citizens, Cafe Coffee Day along with HelpAge India and the Delhi police is trying to ensure that they do not spend sleepless nights with worry: by setting up special helpdesks at its outlets.

Senior citizens will be able to register themselves with the Delhi police at these outlets. While forms are available with these helpdesks only till the end of this month, citizens over 60 years can register through other means too.

With increasing violence against senior citizens an issue that needs to be dealt with, registering with the police will give them added security. The beat constable will pay fortnightly visits to these senior citizens to keep an eye on them.

"We have only 5,000 people registered so far with the Senior Citizens Cell. We are committed to fighting any trouble caused to the citizens. We deeply appreciate the support by HelpAge India and Café Coffee Day through whom we wish to reach out and register a lot more senior citizens,'' said Additional Commissioner Police (Crime) Muktesh Chander.

Those who don't manage to get the forms in time can register by sending a fax or contacting Senior Citizens Security Cell on 23490233. For the net-savvy, an e-mail can be sent to scsc_ > They can also contact the police helpline or Helpage India.

Apart from making senior citizens aware of taking care about their security, the initiative will also help give the younger generation a chance to take on responsibility.

"We at Café Coffee Day recognise the lifetime contribution made by senior citizens to our society, many of whom are living alone and are battling problems in the city. We hope this initiative will empower the youth of New Delhi to encourage their elder to register in the security cell ,'' said Café Coffee Day General Manager ) Sudipta Sen Gupta.

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