Rajasthan demands water from Tajewala headworks

Rajasthan has demanded that neighbouring Haryana release the Yamuna waters from Tajewala headworks in accordance with the provisions of the 1994 river water agreement among five States to facilitate supply of water to Bharatpur, Churu and Jhunjhunu districts in the State waiting since long for the Yamuna waters.

Addressing the fifth meeting of the Upper Yamuna Review Committee in New Delhi earlier this week, State Water Resources Minister Hemaram Chaudhary said Rajasthan and Haryana had identical rights over the water received from the Yamuna catchment area at Tajewala headworks.

Mr. Chaudhary said the Upper Yamuna River Board had allotted water from Tajewala and Okhla headworks to Rajasthan in 2001, following which the State Government sent the proposals for utilisation of water in Bharapur, Churu and Jhunjhunu districts to the Central Water Commission. The proposals were approved in 2003 with the stipulation for consent by Haryana.

Since then, Rajasthan has been requesting Haryana to sign a memorandum of understanding for supply of Yamuna waters. The Haryana Government, on the other, has been vacillating on the issue and has not signed the MoU, said Mr. Chaudhary. Meanwhile, 12 of the 14 blocks in Churu and Jhunjhunu have fallen in the dark zone category.

Union Water Resources Minister Harish Rawat presided over the meeting at Shram Shakti Bhavan in the national capital.

Mr. Chaudhary pointed out that the Western Yamuna Canal was an inter-State canal, which was also supplying water to Delhi. Rajasthan must be given its share of water from the canal, he said.

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