Railways to set up a bio-waste processing plant

: The Delhi Division of Northern Railway is going to set up a first of its kind 'Bio-waste processing plant' at Kishanganj Railway Colony.

The proposed bio-waste plant will turn biodegradable waste generated in the colony into compost and even electricity. The plant is expected to process about 1,000 Kg. of waste generated by the largest railway colony of Indian Railways.

“The output would be used as compost for our nursery and 70-80 KWhr. of electricity per tonne of biodegradable waste for street lights of the colony besides getting rid of bio waste in the colony itself,” said Arun Arora, Divisional Railway Manager.

Mr. Arora said that the estimated project cost will be Rs. 38 lakh for the proposed 1,000 Kg. feed plant and the plant is expected to be commissioned by March 2016.

The complete unit will be housed in a 40-feet container and will be powered by solar cells.

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