Pushkin's car may provide vital clues

NEW DELHI, AUG. 21 . Pushkin Chandra's missing Opel Corsa car, for which the South Delhi police had launched a vigorous search, had been lying abandoned in the parking lot near Pataudi House in Darya Ganj here probably for the past six days. With the car now in their custody, the police claim to have more clues to the whereabouts of the suspects.

The Cashmere-coloured Corsa was believed to have been taken away by the assailants after they brutally stabbed to death Pushkin and his friend Kuldeep in the former's Anand Lok residence in the wee hours of August 14. On Friday afternoon, they were information about a car matching the description lying abandoned near Pataudi House on Bela Road. Enquiries from nearby shopkeepers revealed that the vehicle, covered with a layer of dust, had been lying parked there apparently for the past six days. Subsequently, a police team reached there and found that even the vehicle's original number plate (DL 3C Y 8012) was intact. After confirming that the car belonged to Pushkin, the police impounded it and sent it to a forensic lab.

Apart from lifting some fingerprints, the police found a mobile phone charger, an umbrella, a brush, an audiocassette and other articles kept inside the vehicle.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi), Pravir Ranjan, the place where the vehicle was parked could provide some clues to the whereabouts of the suspects. Computer-generated portraits of the suspects are being distributed in the area for identification. It is learnt that some residents of the Karol Bagh and Nabi Karim area have identified one of the suspects whose computer-generated portrait was released by the police recently. The police are trying to verify the claims and establish the identity of the vagabond.

A study of the calls received by Pushkin on his mobile phone, which went missing after the murders, revealed that he had received almost 100 calls from public booths in the past one month. Meanwhile, it is learnt that Pushkin's Danish friend, Uffe Gartner, who is aboard on a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) assignment, is apparently not extending the help as desired by the police.