Police Commissioner briefs officers

NEW DELHI, APRIL 24 . The Delhi Police Commissioner, K.K. Paul, today addressed his officers and men and asked them to be sensitive to people's complaints. He also listed the dos and don'ts to be observed by the police during the Lok Sabha elections.

According to a Delhi police spokesperson, all the Additional Station House Officers, Station House Officers, Assistant Commissioners of Police, Deputy Commissioners of Police, Joint Commissioners of Ranges and Intelligence Wings and the Special Commissioners attended the meeting held at Azad Bhavan in Central Delhi today. Two of the three Special Commissioners also addressed the gathering.

Dr. Paul asked his officers to be sensitive to the complaints of the people and bring about a change in their attitude by ensuring immediate assistance to anybody seeking their help.

As for the election- related arrangements, Dr. Paul exhorted his men to be alert and stick to the rules and regulations charted out for the elections. This pertained to videography of political events, keeping an eye on potential trouble-makers and ensuring that the model code of conduct was strictly followed.

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