“Physiotherapists can use the title Dr.”

Physiotherapists can use the title “Dr.” and write it in front of their name, the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) has said. It also said that “neither the Indian Medical Association (IMA) nor the Medical Council of India (MCI) has any statutory power to regulate the physiotherapy profession in India”.

IAP general secretary Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Jha (P.T.) said: “Physiotherapists prefixes Dr. as per the resolution of IAP, we have also warned IMA and MCI for defaming the physiotherapists as they have no statutory power to regulate physiotherapy profession in India, hence no right to publish wrong information about physiotherapy as a whole. Every clinical health professional writes Dr. before their name as a matter of tradition and convention and no one is allowed to write Dr. before their name if she or he is having no Ph.D. or M.D. as a matter of right.''

“It is relevant to mention here that we prefix `Dr.' and suffix (P.T.) after the name as per the resolution and we also write physiotherapist clearly. In fact we are the only professionals in health profession who are using suffix (physiotherapist) after their name. Physiotherapists are giving treatment by physical means and they never prescribe any drugs,'' he added.

IAP has now issued a stern warning to all to refrain from defaming physiotherapy in any unauthorised way. Indian Medical Association president Dr. Vinay Aggarwal said: “Physiotherapy is a paramedical/ supportive service and they cannot use Dr. as a title. The IMA and the MCI have been opposing this move and despite the fact that IAP has been asked not to use the prefix they state that it is their right to use the prefix.''

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