Over 3,500 avail of BSES scheme

NEW DELHI, NOV. 29. With only a day left for expiry of the month-long Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS) for tampered meters by the BSES, over 3,500 consumers, hailing from different socio-economic strata of society and using various categories of load, have already availed of the benefits of the "No Questions Asked" once-in-a-lifetime scheme. Hundreds of domestic consumers have also got their load enhanced while making use of the scheme.

With the deadline for the VDS scheme expiring on November 30 and stiff penalties being imposed for those not availing of it, BSES is anticipating a heavy rush of consumers. To effectively deal with a huge turnout of consumers on the last day, it has made special arrangements by increasing the number of personnel and strengthening the required logistics. All BSES offices have been stocked with VDS forms, which are being made available at all easy bill counters.

BSES has made all efforts to publicise this "No Questions Asked" VDS scheme -- which has the support of both the Delhi Government as well as the Delhi State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

According to BSES, no leniency would be shown to consumers after expiry of the deadline and the company would launch an inspection drive. Those found with tampered meters or indulging in power thefts would face penalties up to 30 times the cost assessed for monthly consumption or three years of imprisonment.

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