Out-of-turn promotions for policemen

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Police Commissioner K. K. Paul on Tuesday gave 16 police personnel out-of-turn promotions for their extraordinary contribution in nabbing terrorists and desperate criminals.

Those promoted are Head Constable Ramesh Kumar and Constables Dharambir Singh, Preet, Shiv Vir Singh, Prahlad Prasad, Ram Kumar, Pramod Kumar, Devi Dayal, Rajbir Singh, Pawan Kumar, Praveen Gautam, Dharampal, Pramjeet Singh, Ravinder Kumar, Dev Dutt and Rajeev.

While Ramesh was promoted for liquidating the dreaded criminal Anil Bhagte, Constables Ombir Singh, Preet, Shiv Vir Singh, Prahlad, Ram Kumar and Pramod Kumar were given promotion for arresting Jagtar Singh Hawara, the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) chief for operations in India, and his two accomplices, Jaspal and Vijay Sehgal, who were involved in the twin blast in cinema halls in the Capital on May 22.

Constables Devi Dayal, Rajbir, Pawan and Praveen were promoted for arresting two BKI militants from whom a large quantity of explosives and ammunition were recovered.

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