Oncology meet opened

NEW DELHI NOV. 9. A two-day national conference on oncology began at Dharamshila Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (DCHRC) here today. The conference was inaugurated by the Union Finance Minister, Jaswant Singh, who spoke of his personal experience with the hospital and expressed his happiness at the progress that it has made.

He also spoke about the high quality of medical skills available in the country and stressed the need to upgrade the medical facilities in the country in quantity and quality to take the best advantage of the existing skills.

He pointed out the value of knowledge-based industry in today's world and the role of sectors such as biotechnology and medicine in the world of future. He also highlighted the fact that Indian doctors formed the backbone of health care services in the United States and Europe. Mr. Singh said medical treatment can be carried out in India at a fraction of the cost in western countries with upgradation of facilities. India would have a great chance of becoming a destination for patients from all over the world, he added.

The conference was attended by 250 delegates from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bengal and Uttaranchal. The session today covered a variety of topics in oncology including concomitant chemoradiotherapy, technical advances in radiotherapy, current concepts in management of breast cancer, management of cancer in children and haematological cancers.

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