New duty-free shopping experience at airport

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Alpha-Pantaloon group bag the duty-free shopping contractValued at around Rs.500 crores, it is for over three years

NEW DELHI: Passengers arriving at the international terminal at Delhi airport are all set to get a serious dose of "retail therapy". The Delhi International Airport (Pvt) Limited (DIAL) has awarded the Alpha-Pantaloon Consortium the duty-free shopping contract. At present Flamingo and the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) are providing the duty-free shopping options to people at the airport.

Valued at around Rs.500 crores, the contract is for over three years. The consortium comprises the UK-based Alpha Airports Group and Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited. Opening up a whole new world of shopping for passengers, the Alpha stores will bring in big names such Armani, Gucci, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Nike and Swatch. The brands for India have been selected after careful research in passenger demographics, customer profiling and destination requirements.

With duty-free shopping no longer limited only to alcohol and tobacco, airports across the world are getting branded for their speciality products. From designer suits to electronic gadgets and even gourmet food, the range of options available at the international terminal is about to expand tremendously. Alpha Airports Group has extensive experience in duty-free retailing with more than 140 retail outlets across 40 locations in the UK, Europe, the US and South Asia. In Asia, it has outlets in Cochin, Colombo, Kathmandu and Male.

"This contract has been awarded to Alpha-Pantaloon Consortium for the existing terminal at the moment. When DIAL completes the new integrated terminal, the bidding will be opened again," said an airport official.

Going beyond global brands, DIAL is also giving passengers at the domestic airport a brand new set of wheels by tying up with Avis Mercury Car Rentals. The company will provide premium car rental services to and from the airport. Travelling in style passengers will be able to choose from among the best cars on the road -- Toyota, Honda and Ford.

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