Mukhi picks holes in Maken's charge

NEW DELHI JULY 26. Accusing the Delhi Government, particularly the Transport Minister, Ajay Maken, of misleading the House by giving wrong facts and figures on the CNG issue, the Leader of the Opposition, Jagdish Mukhi, today disclosed that DTC had agreed to allow Indraprastha Gas Limited to fill its cascades from its Mother Stations twice a day, nailing the lie that DTC was facing a shortage of CNG.

Stating that Mr. Maken had sought to not only mislead the House but also the people of Delhi on the issue shortage of CNG, Mr. Mukhi said if the contention of the Minister was true then why had the DTC agreed to allow the IGL cascades to fill up from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. In fact, the DTC Chairman, A.J.S. Sahney, in a letter to the Additional Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Naresh Narad, had informed that all the DTC depots had been directed that they should allow IGL cascades to fill up CNG for two hours during the day. The letter was written on July 24, giving reference to the meeting held by the Chief Secretary, Shailja Chandra, on July 9.

Mr. Mukhi said, according to his information, DTC was able to utilise only 65 per cent of its CNG capacity and had spare CNG which it was not disbursing earlier. It was only after the meeting of the Chief Secretary and the intervention of the Lieutenant Governor, Vijay Kapoor, that a true picture emerged. The worst part is that during a discussion on the CNG issue on July 17 in the Assembly, Mr. Maken and his party colleagues made a hue and cry over the shortage of CNG fuel and blamed the Centre for this. But now with the facts out, it is clear that the Sheila Dikshit Government was not sincere in resolving the problems of lakhs of commuters and wanted to take shelter behind one excuse or the other.

The DPCC and the Delhi Government are shedding crocodile tears by making a noise on the CNG issue. But it is the Delhi Government which is creating an artificial shortage of CNG for scoring cheap political points.

Referring to the crisis on the water and power front, Mr. Mukhi said while the entire Capital was faced with a deteriorating power and water situation, the Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, and the Power Minister, Ajay Maken, had embarked on foreign trips. The unscheduled power cuts have risen sharply and load-shedding has touched a new high but the seriousness of the Delhi Government to tackle this severe problems could be gauged from the fact that both Ms. Dikshit and Mr. Maken were vacationing abroad. At the same time, Mr. Mukhi said that while all the other State Governments had submitted their plans to the Central Government for seeking relief to tackle the drought-like situation, the Delhi Government was still to carry out a survey to assess the situation. It clearly indicates that the people of rural and urban Delhi have been left to fend for themselves.

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