M.P. officials worried over transfers

BHOPAL DEC. 24. While the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party continues to remain in the celebratory mood after its massive victory in the recent Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, a large section of State Government officials, particularly those in the higher echelons of bureaucracy, are finding themselves in a state of suspended animation with speculation rife about their transfers and postings.

The new Government was rather quick in replacing the State Director-General of Police, D.C. Jugran, and appointing the head of the State Jail Department, S.K. Das, as the new head of the State police. Orders were also issued promptly to remove the State Intelligence chief, Swaraj Puri. At a parallel level, the Chief Minister's Secretariat has also been overhauled and there have been a couple of transfers at the Secretary level.

Since a large number of Principal Secretary and Secretary level officers, besides the Chief Secretary, A.V. Singh, have not been touched so far under the new dispensation, the official circles are agog with rumours about the final shape of the Chief Minister, Uma Bharti's "dream team'' of officials that would be used on a war footing to deliver results on the development front before the Lok Sabha elections.

While most of those who are part of the middle-order bureaucracy in the State, including most District Collectors and the other junior IAS officers awaiting a field posting, are going through a period of uncertainty, some of them are busy lobbying for choice postings with the State BJP office-bearers.

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