Minister suspends PWD engineer

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: On June 22, Delhi's PWD and Finance Minister A.K.Walia had promised spic and span roads for the Capital's citizens before the onset of the monsoon.

However, when he descended on the city roads on Wednesday he was welcomed by potholes, broken paths, submerged roads and use of sub-standard raw material. An infuriated Dr. Walia ordered immediate suspension of an Assistant Engineer and put two other senior officials on notice.

This was nothing new and once again highlighted the apathy and corruption prevailing in the Public Works Department as well as the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the two major agencies responsible for construction and maintenance of roads.

Last year also a large number of city roads were submerged in knee-deep water, as there was no provision for drainage and outfall of water.

After a prolonged inspection, Dr. Walia had directed that all such roads be identified and proper drainage be ensured before the next monsoon season. However, it was the same old story this year also and Dr. Walia's words seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Dr. Walia was forced to go in for inspection of the city roads after the party MLAs lodged protests and complaints against the failure of the various agencies to ensure proper maintenance of roads and use of sub-standard material in the repair of roads.

The Delhi Assembly Speaker, Chaudhary Prem Singh, was one of the prominent complainants. Interestingly, the Member of Parliament from Outer Delhi, Sajjan Kumar, Mehrauli MLA, Balram Tanwar, Delhi Mayor, Satbir Singh, and other senior officials of PWD and MCD accompanied Dr. Walia.

During this inspection of the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road, Dr. Walia was shocked to see a number of un-repaired potholes on the main carriageways that were covered with bricks.

Despite a ban on road cutting and digging, the Minister found that a large number of roads had been dug up.

He sought an explanation from the officials as to why roads were being repaired with bricks when instructions were to use cold emulsion technology for road repair.

He directed the senior officials to personally monitor the road repairs and put everything in order in a time-bound manner.

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