MCD to outsource construction of Delhi roads

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has chalked out a plan to build 116 new roads in the city but decided to outsource the job to a private firm, given the flak it has received for poorly-maintained roads across the city in the past.

A budget of Rs. 832 crore has also been earmarked for the project. These roads would be constructed in all the MCD zones.

MCD Standing Committee chairman Yogender Chandolia said, “Under the scheme we have also made a provision so that we would neither have to pay money immediately nor spend any on its maintenance. We have already chalked out a plan under which roads worth Rs.832 crore would be constructed once the monsoon season is over.”

According to civic body officials, under this scheme the life span of its roads will also increase to as many as 25 years. Using the ready mix cement and the paver machines for building concrete roads 10 to 12 inches thick, the proposed scheme envisages good quality and thus longer life for city's roads.

Also, to ensure that there is no tearing or digging up of the built road repeatedly, there would be utility ducts on the sides. The new road-building technology would be used for all arterial roads and also for the rural areas' connecting roads. A team of the civic body had visited Nagpur where similar roads have already been built.

Mr. Chandolia said: “The most important feature of this scheme is that the contractor will not get money immediately on completion of the work. The instalments start only after five years. The cost works out to be almost Rs. 1 crore per kilometre.”

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