Lure of gold lands him in jail

NEW DELHI, MARCH 17. A resident of Kanpur who tried to fraudulently claim a gold chain which had been found lying unattended in the IGI Airport and regarding which announcements had been made by the Central Industrial Security Force over the public address system was nabbed on the charge of trying to commit fraud and handed over to the IGI Airport police.

The accused, Irshad Ahmed, had approached the CISF Control Room at around 12 noon yesterday and claimed that he had lost his gold chain in front of the Departure Level of the International Terminal. But as he was unable to give a satisfactory reply as to why he stayed at the terminal for an unduly long period even after his brother, Sarfraz Ahmad, had reportedly boarded a flight for Saudi Arabia at 7 in the morning, the personnel grew suspicious.

Since Irshad also changed his statements from time to time and claimed that the chain had been picked from his pocket, on which he showed a cut mark, which however did not appear fresh, the CISF personnel interrogated him thoroughly.

The accused then allegedly confessed that he had made a plan to claim the gold chain found by CISF after he heard the announcement to the effect over the public address system. Further, he also confessed to having cut his own pocket for making the claim.

During verification of his claims, the CISF also discovered that no person matching the description of his brother had left for Saudi Arabia by any flight.

As Irshad was also found carrying a briefcase containing a passport in the name of Irshad Ahmad, a Samsung mobile phone which was out of order, a railway ticket from Delhi to Kanpur for March 18 and some clothing, the CISF detained him on the suspicion that he may have been involved in a theft or bag lifting. As such he was handed to the IGI Airport police station with an accompanying report.

The CISF said the chain was subsequently restored to its real owner, Gurpreet Brar, who informed the personnel in the Security Hold Ara 10/11 about her chain going missing. As she was able to provide a proper identification, she was handed the chain, which was valued to be worth around Rs 35,000.

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