‘Make option of organ donation mandatory'

During preparation of Biometric ID Card, data registry: Parliamentary panel

A Parliamentary panel has suggested making it mandatory for citizens to exercise the option of voluntary organ donation during the ongoing exercise of preparing the Biometric ID Card and data registry.

The Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare in its 44th report on “The Transplantation of Human Organs (Amendment) Bill, 2009” tabled in Parliament on Wednesday, has said more attention should be given to cadaveric donations.

“Presumed consent”

Finding it not feasible and practical to enforce “presumed consent” on organ donation in the society, the panel said giving the option of organ donation would also help in making available a secure data as regards to consent of the donor which can easily be used in the case of death.

With the passage of time, the potential of cadaver donation due to 48-hour mandatory waiting period in the case of unclaimed bodies can also be taken care of.

Similarly, all persons while filing their annual Income Tax returns and paying their property tax or applying for driving licenses can also indicate their option of organ donation.


This initiative can easily be taken in coordination with the Ministries concerned. The panel has said that such an initiative can also be taken with regard to Central Government Health Scheme and other medical facilities also.

All the data so collected can be utilised to update the proposed donor list for the proposed National Registry.

With regard to the Section 5 of the Bill related to “authority for removal of human organ in case of unclaimed bodies in hospital or prison,” the panel has suggested that in hospitals where there is facility for preserving the bodies for 48 hours, these should be preserved before organs are harvested after completion of legal formalities.

The Health Ministry can work in close coordination with the Home Ministry on this issue.

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