‘Check & Fill’ campaign to be launched today

Sujay Mehdudia

NEW DELHI: Seeking to check the growing menace of adulteration, the Union government will launch a nationwide ‘Check & Fill’ campaign from Tuesday.

Another initiative to supply pilferage-proof LPG cylinders and a scheme to supply cylinders at odd hours, especially for working couples and individuals, will be launched shortly.

The government is also working on a plan to replace kerosene oil with environment-friendly LPG gas and also put in place the smart card scheme for the distribution of kerosene through the Public Distribution System.

Giving this information here, Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Jitin Prasad said the new generation vehicles have stringent emission norms and look for high quality fuels.

Mr. Prasad said the government campaign is to convey the message that “right fuel is your right.”

Customers will be asked to carry out three on-the-spot basic checks at petrol pumps to check the quality and density of fuel. They can file complaints with the pump owner or Oil Manufacturing Companies (OMCs) through toll-free numbers which will be publicised soon. The OMCs will soon sell LPG in pilferage-proof cylinders. They will fix a device in all refills. Already international tenders for this technology have been floated.

Mr. Prasad said a policy decision was taken to ensure that all towns with a population of five lakh will have a 100 per cent switchover to LPG from kerosene as fuel.

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