Lok Ayukta issues notices to grievance body

NEW DELHI, MARCH 17. The Lok Ayukta has reportedly issued show-cause notices to the chairman and a part-time member of the Delhi Public Grievance Commission (DPGC) following a petition by a Transco employee demanding action against the parties concerned for not taking punitive measures against those who were not providing him the correct details he had sought under the Delhi Right to Information Act about a year ago.

It is learnt that the petitioner, Ravinder Balwani, had applied for details about the salary scales of employees from the Transco authorities under the Right to Information Act. After he did not get any satisfactory reply from the authorities concerned, Mr. Balwani moved the DPGC for redressal. The DPGC then took notice of his petition and directed the Transco authorities to provide relevant information to the petitioner.

However, Mr. Balwani found that the information provided him to him were "false", following which he again approached the DPGC chairman asking action against the Transco authorities under the provisions of the Right to Information Act, which provides for monetary penalty of Rs. 50 per day against the officials concerned after the expiry of 30-day deadline for releasing the information. "As per rules, if any official is found to have provided false information, Rs. 1,000 would be detected from his/her salary," said an official.

Despite Mr. Balwani,'s request for appropriate action against the officials for having provided wrong information, it is alleged that the DPGC did not fix a date for hearing from both parties on the issue. Mr. Balwani then filed a petition in the Lok Ayukta for redressal of his grievances. It is learnt that taking note of his 70-page petition, the Lok Ayukta issued show-cause notices to the DPGC chairman, Shailja Chandra, and the part-time member, Sudarshan Pathak.

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