“We are proud to say that you are our role models”

Sachin, Harbhajan salute NSG commandos for their sacrifice

‘I always wanted to serve the nation like a soldier does, like you all do’

‘Your contribution to the nation is incomparable with that of an actor or a sportsman’

New Delhi: To honour the courage and sacrifice of National Security Guard commandos during the Mumbai terror attacks, batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar and off-spinner Harbhajan Singh spent a day at the NSG headquarters at Manesar near here.

During their stay, Tendulkar and Harbhajan also tried their hand at the tough 26 obstacle training course of the commandos, which includes jumping from heights, climbing heights, and running through large distances.

The cricketers also witnessed the Anti Terrorist Conditioning Course, which the commandos undergo in almost real life terror situations, complete with fire, smoke and live bullets.

The duo also interacted with the commandos who participated in the 26/11 anti-terror operation.

Real heroes

During an interaction, an emotional Tendulkar said:

“Without a doubt it’s you guys who are the real heroes. We just play cricket, you play with your life so that we are secure. I salute your families because they have an important role in your sacrifice.

“It’s truly an honour for both of us to be here and see what all of you are doing. Your hard work and contribution to the nation can never be compared with that of an actor or a sportsman.

“Although we always give our best to keep the nation’s flag high, our contribution in front of yours is much less in comparison to your contribution to our Nation. We are the role models for many people but we are proud to say that you are our role models.”

During their visit to NSG headquarters, an initiative of CNN-IBN and IBN-7, they also spent some time with the familiy of havaldar Gajendra Singh and the parents of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, the two NSG commandos who lost their lives in the Mumbai siege.

The two cricketers met Major Sandeep’s parents at the NSG headquarters. Tendulkar offered his condolences to Sandeep’s father and said, “You are a brave man, and your sacrifice supreme.”

Harbhajan saluted the commandos and said: “I always wanted to serve the nation like a solider does, like you all do. But I suppose, I never had that kind of passion.

“As Sachin said we can’t even think of comparing ourselves with you all. I think you guys are the real heroes. I just want to stand up and salute all of you. I want to say a big thanks to all of you and your family for protecting us.”— PTI

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