“India would be better off with Obama”

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Delhiites have great expectations from United States President-elect Barack Obama, especially on how he would manage America’s relations with the rest of the world, reveals a new survey of public opinion here in the Capital.

According to the survey focusing on “General Indian Economic Environment and American Presidential Election”, conducted by the market research services division of Shyam Vyas MARC Pvt. Ltd., a whopping 96 per cent of the respondents believed Mr. Obama’s election would translate into a substantive change in American policies towards the rest of the world – for the better.

As many as 94 per cent of the respondents said they believed Mr. Obama would manage to rebuild world opinion in favour of America as a land of hope and justice.

A wide-ranging questionnaire was administered to 650 individuals across Delhi, and 500 responses were selected at random for analysis.

According to the survey report, most Delhiites (76 per cent) said they would have voted for Mr. Obama if they were asked to cast their ballot in the US Presidential election. As many as 64 per cent Delhiites said they believed India would be better off with Mr. Obama than John McCain as the leader of the most powerful country.

A high 72 per cent of the respondents approved of the controversial Indo-US civil nuclear deal, while 24 per cent expressed uncertainty over the agreement.

Asked if they approved of the United Progressive Alliance Government’s handling of economic matters, the response was mixed. While 36 per cent of the respondents gave their approval to the Centre’s economic affairs handling, as many said they were “uncertain”, while 28 per cent disapproved of the manner in which the ruling dispensation had gone about handling economic matters.

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