“India, Bangladesh threat to none”

Haroon Habib

DHAKA: “There should not be any threat perspectives. Bangladesh or India cannot be threats to anyone,” said a former Indian civil servant and politician, Nitish Sengupta, here on Wednesday.

Delivering a talk on ‘Bengal divided: the unmaking of a nation,’ Mr. Sengupta, who is also chairman of the Board of Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises of India, emphasised that the two countries should have more exchanges to settle problems such as water, insurgency and trade to improve the lives of the peoples who had a similar cultural heritage.

Economic ties

“We have to sit together more frequently and concentrate on cross-border communication and cultural exchange.”

He also proposed the removal of all kinds of export and import duties for better economic opportunities, and suggested the creation of a business environment better than that of ASEAN.

Indian High Commissioner Pinak Ranjan Chakrabarty said “the new generation wants to go forward … we have to learn from history and look forward to the future instead of blaming the past.”

Responding to an observation by a Bangladeshi participant that the country was facing a water crisis due to the Farakka barrage, he said it was not water availability but water management, which was a problem for Bangladesh.

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