“Herbs and Hakeem” hold out fresh hope

In a unique blend of traditional concepts and scientific aspects of medicine, a newly set up modern Unani health centre here is offering authentic, time-tested treatment systems to patients of serious diseases who have lost hopes from prolonged therapies of other medicinal streams.

“Herbs and Hakeem” is the first hospital and research centre of its kind in Rajasthan and sixth in the country providing the age-old regimen to patients in a modern ambience. Its launch was marked by a keen interest evinced by doctors and the State Government's Medical and Health Department.

The hospital, gaining popularity among both the medical community and the public at large here, has made practical applications of the Unani system of medicine based on “humoural theory” of the 4 {+t} {+h} Century B.C. Greek physician Hippocrates presupposing the presence of four liquids in the human body influencing health and character.

Chief physician M. I. Goury told The Hindu that the disturbance of equilibrium of the four humours – Dam (blood), Balgham (phlegm), Safra (yellow bile) and Sauda (black bile) – is considered responsible for diseases by the Unani system. Hakeems adopt different methods to bring back the balance and restore the health of a person.

The “Herbs and Hakeem” chain – operational in Calicut and Tirur in Kerala and Mumbra and Pune in Maharashtra before its entry into Rajasthan – produces drugs and formulations based on herbs. “Our title derives its authenticity from the Unani theory that herbs and Hakeems cannot exist without each other,” said Dr. Gouri.

The new Unani centre offers four kinds of treatment to patients – Ilaj-bil-Tadbeer (regimental therapy), Ilaj-bil-Giza (food therapy), Ilaj-bil-Dawa (medicines) and Murasla (counselling). It also provides identified raw drugs, compound formulations, herbal extracts and herbal oils.

The physicians at the Jaipur centre specialise in treatment of neuro-muscular disorders.

Patients complaining of cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel syndrome, low back pain, planter fascitis, slip disc, knee-joint pain, neuritis and tennis elbow are being treated regularly at the hospital.

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