Jamia programmes to focus on genocide

Romila Thapar  

Jamia Millia Islamia, along with “Citizens for Justice and Peace”, plans to organise a series of programmes around the Gujarat genocide.

The programmes will include a photo retrospective, statistics, a missing persons’ wall, acknowledgments and survivors’ conversations among other things.

The programme will begin at the M. F. Husain Art Gallery with the inauguration of “Memorial as Resistance” this Tuesday by JNU Professor Emeritus Romila Thapar.

There will also be a panel discussion where Prof. Thapar will be joined by academics like Professor Mukul Mangalik, Professor Shiv Vishwanathan, Professor Purushottam Agarwal and Professor Francis Gonsalves.

Later, a “Music in Memoriam” will be held at the Safdar Hashmi Ampitheatre, Jamia Millia Islamia. It will include musical performances by Vidya Shah Rao and Madan Gopal Singh .

On Friday, a workshop, “In pursuit of Justice: Media and Law”, will be inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor Najeeb Jung.

The first session, “Justice for Mass Crimes”, will be chaired by JNU Professor Emeritus Prabhat Patnaik. The second session will be on, “Media and mass crimes” and chaired by Outlook editorial chairman Vinod Mehta.