INLD launches attack on Opposition parties

CHANDIGARH, JUNE 1. The Haryana Finance Minister, Sampat Singh, today launched a frontal attack on the Opposition parties saying that instead of issuing irresponsible statements about the stability of the Indian National Lok Dal Government in Haryana, their leaders should test their might in the ensuing session of the Vidhan Sabha on June 21.

In a statement here, the Minister said that these leaders were issuing irresponsible statements to simply remain in the news. He described the Vidhan Sabha as a Constitutional platform where both the opposition and the ruling parties could clearly express their viewpoints. Although the last session of the Vidhan Sabha was convened less than four months ago, the Chief Minister, Om Prakash Chautala, had now convened the monsoon session to counter the propaganda unleashed by the Opposition.

While challenging the Congress, he said that by getting its candidates elected in nine out of 10 Lok Sabha constituencies in the State, it should not have a misconception that the results of the ensuing Vidhan Sabha elections would also be in its favour. He said that the INLD was not disheartened by such a political defeat. In Haryana,the INLD had suffered because it had supported the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Had the INLD disassociated itself from the NDA a year ago, instead of three months prior to the Lok Sabha elections, the results would have been in its favour.

He said that Mr. Chautala was competent enough to change adverse circumstances into favourable ones in all situations with the help of party workers and he would certainly succeed in this endeavour. He asserted that the INLD would sweep the Assembly elections which would be held on schedule in March 2005.