Indian troops for Iraq opposed

SHIMLA JUNE 26. The Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Youth Federation of India, which has assembled here for its two-day national session, has strongly opposed any move of by the Central Government to send troops to Iraq for policing under the US military command.

Talking to reporters here, N.N. Krishandas, DYFI president, and Tapas Sinha, secretary, said even the UN Security Council resolution had recognised the US as the occupying authority and it had not sanctioned a UN peace-keeping force. "The BJP must surrender its pro-US policy in the nation's and the people's interest,'' they said.

The CEC has also condemned the Central Government led by the BJP for its "abject surrender'' to "the forces of international monetary agencies'': "This Government is bent on dismantling the public sector and downsizing the force of working people and the promise of providing 1 crore jobs annually has fallen flat.''

Ridiculing the BJP policy of "Swadeshi'', the youth leaders also called for a boycott of multinational products and an end to use of Pepsi and Coke "for both economic and health reasons''.

It was announced that the seventh all-India conference of DYFI will be organised in Amritsar in November this year. At least 1000 delegates would participate. The DYFI with a membership of 1.25 crores is the biggest youth organisation in the country.

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