Heritage too victim of natural calamities

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: To highlight the tragic fact that heritage also ends up as one of the victims of natural calamities and historic buildings are usually lost in the list of casualties, UNESCO organised a day-long symposium here over the weekend on "Heritage at Risk: The Forgotten Victims of Earthquakes, Floods and the Tsunami in South Asia'' which brought in experts to chalk out future strategies for culturally- sensitive disaster risk management.

While major monuments seem to attract all the attention, smaller monuments that might not bring in busloads of tourists but are important to the community are often forgotten about in the race to rebuild, believe experts.

The symposium that brought together speakers from Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and India hoped to address that problem too.

Besides finding ways to help bring back major monuments that have been damaged during natural disaster like the famous Bhuj Palace and Fort, the speakers also highlighted the importance of "local" architecture in these areas.