Her paintings mirror life

"IN SEARCH OF A HELPING HAND": A work by Pushpa Dravid.

"IN SEARCH OF A HELPING HAND": A work by Pushpa Dravid.  

Madhur Tankha

Taking the Gwalior School of Art forward

NEW DELHI: Life can be portrayed through paintings in a meaningful and substantive way. In reality, you are surrounded by misery, hardship and struggle. In a painting, you can visualise yourself in a pleasant world where simplicity devoid of any traces of artificiality is what matters.

Pushpa Dravid belongs to this genre of artists. Her forms mirror the images of her perceptions of life and encompass a range of experiences from the mundane to the spiritual.

That appearances are deceptive rings true in Pushpa's works. Her creations appear to be embracing a formula that is too simple. But essentially it is not.

As she dips her brush into colours and mixes them on the palette, she is transported into a world of her own.

Belonging to the tradition of the Gwalior School of Art, Pushpa is quite comfortable in going back to the great masters from time to time. She is honest about her commitment towards this veritable inheritance. So her paintings on the one hand speak about the tradition of picture making and on the other express her concerns towards the world around her.

Pushpa, who did her Ph.D. in Fine Arts from Bangalore University in 2001, has done solo exhibitions at Visweswaraya Trade Centre and Alliance Francaise in Bangalore, Jehangir Gallery in Mumbai, Durbar Hall in Cochin and India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

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