Govt. allowed to impound autos

NEW DELHI JAN. 3. The Delhi High Court today allowed the Delhi Government to impound, if it so decides, autorickshaws plying on the city roads without electronic meters.

Dismissing a civil writ petition by an autorickshaw operator, Justice A.K. Sikri said the direction of the Delhi Government on installation of electronic meters on autorickshaws could not be faulted.

The Judge justified his order quoting a Supreme Court order in the matter where the Apex Court had directed the city Government to ensure that every taxi and autorickshaw in Delhi installed a tamper-proof meter whether electronic or working on any other system with effect from 2-2-2002.

``Insofar as the direction for installation of electronic meters is concerned, I do not find any illegality therein,'' Mr Justice Sikri said.

However, the court issued notice to the Delhi Government on the petitioner's allegation that autorickshaws were impounded if they were found not running on CNG.

The Court also directed the city Government not to seize autorickshaws on the ground that they were not being run on CNG unless the Government had issued any direction requiring conversion to CNG single fuel mode in accordance with law.

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