Focus on spiritual wealth

NEW DELHI NOV. 9. Former Union Minister Satpal Maharaj, who prefers to be described as a spiritual leader, today appealed to the people to stand united as a nation and deal a decisive blow to disharmony, violence and international terrorism.

Addressing a vast gathering on the second day of the Manav Dharam Sammelan at the Ramlila Grounds here, he said the spiritual power of India was a solution to all kinds of violence and unrest in parts of the world.

``Many invaders have come and plundered the material wealth of the nation, but the real treasure is hidden in our spiritual wealth and we should go back to it in order to help the world usher in an era of peace and prosperity,'' he said.

Preaching the message of unity in diversity in a spiritual discourse replete with metaphors, Satpal Maharaj compared the country to a "huge garland where people from various religions are flowers of different colours united with a single thread of the immortal soul.'' Speaking on the occasion, Chairman of the Lokmat Group and Rajya Sabha MP, Vijay Babu Darda, said there was an urgent need to establish mutual trust and cooperation among all communities to contain the cult of violence and fundamentalism that had permeated the social fabric of the nation. ``The message of mutual love and brotherhood disseminated by Manav Dharma can be instrumental in promoting social integration and harmony among the people'' he said.

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