Film fest to showcase budding talent

Providing a unique platform to media students across the globe to showcase their talent and skills on an international platform, First Frame 2013 – Fifth International Students’ Film Festival will be held at Shri Ram Centre for Art and Culture at Mandi House here from April 2.

Organised by Madhu Bala Institute of Communication and Electronic Media (MBICEM) affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU), New Delhi, First Frame was India’s first ever students’ film festival to go international.

Institute director M. B. Julka said: “First Frame refers to the ‘first’ amateur production that any student film-maker makes as part of his or her curriculum. Our objective has been to promote the talent of these budding film-makers and give them an opportunity to view and share student films at an international level.”

The two-day event this year would include the Fifth International Students’ Film Festival, the Second F8 National Students’ Photography Competition and Exhibition and the First On-the-spot Mobile Filmmaking Competition.

The festival received 57 films from students studying media across India and abroad. The photography competition received 79 photographs from amateur student photographers across India.

For the first time, film and photo entries from school students, made as part of the CBSE Media Studies curriculum, are part of the festival.

On March 19 and 20, a nomination jury, comprising actor and theatre director Avtar Sahni, film critic and writer B. B. Nagpal and wildlife film-maker and ‘Green Oscar’ winner Vijay Bedi screened the films for shortlisting them for the final screening at the festival. The jury appreciated the work of the young directors and envisioned a great future for them.

Mr. Sahni said: “We saw a huge variety of ideas in the films that we screened over the two days. Some of the films were really very good and if these students are making such great films at this age, I am sure they shall be wonderful film-makers in the years to come.”

For his part, Mr. Nagpal noted: “It was a very interesting session that I had at the screenings. There were many unique subjects that were covered in the films and I think that is what this festival is all about – to bring in new talent and ideas.”

Concurring with the views, Mr. Bedi said: “The talent was enormous. This film festival is a very good opportunity for youngsters as it provides a great launch pad for them.” The films were screened under four categories: Best Indian Film, Best International Film, Best Animation Film and Best Undergraduate Film.

A total of 31 films were shortlisted for the final screening at the festival.

“We have received wholehearted support from various corporate and media organisations for organising the festival this year,” said Prof. Julka. Many corporate houses, including The Hindu , have extended support to the festival.

The shortlisted films would be screened to an open audience comprising students, professionals, critics, writers, and other members of the media, and will be judged by a Final Preview Committee which will decide the winners.