Discontent brewing in BJP

NEW DELHI JUNE 26. The BJP high command got a taste of discontent brewing in the Capital at the political conference organised by its Delhi unit at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium here today.

With the BJP workers and lower level functionaries complaining that senior party leaders forget them and desert their party offices once they become MLA, MP or Minister, the BJP president, Venkaiah Naidu, and party spokesperson, Pramod Mahajan, had a tough time cooling tempers.

Taking the open expression of discontent seriously, Mr. Mahajan devoted almost his entire speech to the issue. He urged party workers not to get disheartened but work with renewed vigour to defeat the Congress and bring the BJP back to power in the forthcoming Delhi Assembly elections.

``You should not feel let down. After all it is our party and it will be our Government in Delhi. There is a wave in our favour and it is important for workers to develop a killer instinct as only then can we win any electoral battle,'' Mr. Mahajan argued.

Mr. Mahajan pointed out that it was not possible to satisfy everyone during distribution of party tickets in the Assembly polls. "But it does not mean that we will not work for the victory of our party. If the Congress wins, we will never have access to power,'' he said.

``Everyone's cooperation is needed to win elections. Polls cannot be won by a leader or an individual alone. It has to be a collective effort,'' Mr. Mahajan said.

Mr. Naidu urged the party workers to be united and work for the victory of the BJP. "You should meet people and tell them about the failures of the Congress,'' he said.

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