Demonstration against temple management

NEW DELHI AUG. 10. Activists of the Forum Against Corruption and Threats (FACT) today held a small demonstration outside the Shree Adya Katyayani Shakti Peeth Mandir -- popularly known as the Chhattarpur Temple -- in South Delhi demanding that its management be taken over by the Government.

Led by the FACT general secretary, I.P.S. Raghuvanshi, the demonstrators, who numbered about a dozen, demanded a CBI inquiry into the alleged misdeeds and misappropriation of donation coming to the temple by the present management of the temple.

Mr. Raghuvanshi alleged that after the demise of the temple founder Baba Nagpal -- who was revered by many -- his heir Sakhi Baba has been virtually thrown out and has no role to play in the management of the temple affairs. "Sakhi Baba is not allowed to do the puja of the temple and not permitted to meet any one,'' he alleged.

The allegations are however denied by the management of the temple. An official claimed that the temple was being managed as per the wishes of Baba Nagpal and Sakhi Baba was not only staying inside the temple complex but also moving freely.

Refuting the management claims, Mr. Raghuvanshi presented a `fact sheet' which alleged that the existing management betrayed the vision of Baba Nagpal. "They have violated every law of the land with the sole objective of parting away with the donations coming to the highly popular temple,'' he said. The Forum would be holding several demonstrations across the Capital over the next few days which would culminate in a massive rally at Jantar Mantar, he said.