Democratic Teachers' Front wins DUTA president's post

The CPI(M)-affiliated Democratic Teachers' Front presidential candidate Amar Deo Sharma has emerged victorious in the elections to the Delhi University Teachers' Association here.

One of the main contenders in the lead-up to DUTA elections was the Congress-backed Academics for Action and Development (AAD) candidate Dr. Rekha Dayal, an Associate Professor in Economics at Jesus and Mary College. Interestingly, the post of DUTA president had been held by AAD's Aditya Narayan Misra for two consecutive terms. Some faculty members from the university felt that AAD's Congress leanings and the ‘Anna phenomenon' that has swept the nation might go against the organisation.

Another major player was the BJP-supported National Democratic Teachers' Front (NDTF) candidate Dr. Manoj Kumar from the Electronics Department of Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences.

The elections saw a voter turn-out of over 60 per cent.

The atmosphere at the voting venue was eclectic, throbbing with hundreds of faculty members from the university who also saw the elections as an opportunity to socialise with teachers from other colleges and re-unite with friends.

“We look forward to the elections because we end up having a re-union of sorts,” said Ms. Suruchi Tandon from Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College.

Special arrangements had been made to make the voting process easy for the disabled including different booths for voting and special ramps. “I did not have to face issues like the previous election where some colleague had to lift me and take me to the polling booth,” said Dr. G.G. Gupta from the Hindi Department of Satyawati College.

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