Delhi's water supply, waste disposal in bad shape: WHO report

A majority of slum-dwellers in the Capital do not have access to proper toilet facilities as pubic toilets are in a pathetic condition, a World Health Organisation (WHO) study has pointed out. The ‘Delhi Healthy Urban Project', conducted by Sulabh International Academy of Environmental Sanitation and Public Health, also revealed that water supply, overall sanitation and solid waste management are in a bad shape.

The study said the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, responsible for garbage collection, has failed to address the growing need for a proper solid waste management system, while residents add to the problem by not disposing of their garbage properly and dumping it in nearby parks, drains or by-lanes. No regular cleaning of toilets, drains and roads was reported, while most of the drains in Delhi, particularly in east, west and south areas, were open and overflowed in the rainy season.

Slum-dwellers and the middle-income groups are deprived of clean drinking water due to improper supply and sometimes have to depend on outside sources. Even residents of some posh localities have reported supply of turbid water and rely heavily on the use of water purifiers and supply of bottled water, the study said.

The study, however, commended the role of residents' welfare associations in managing solid waste as they hired people for collection of garbage from homes.

Following the study, Sulabh International has proposed a pilot project in the Capital's nine districts to develop localities, particularly slums, into “healthy settings” with an overall perspective of promoting Delhi as a “healthy city”.

“We will work in concurrence with the government's policies and plans at all levels and integrate environmental considerations into urban development planning through networking of various stakeholders,” said Sulabh International Founder Bindeshwar Pathak.

  • “No regular cleaning of toilets, drains”
  • RWAs' role in hiring people for garbage collection appreciated

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