CPI (M) confident of winning from Garhwal

DEHRA DUN, MARCH 3. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government for advancing the Lok Sabha elections before the country, saying it was neither good for the economy nor for the country.

Addressing a press conference, CPI (M) candidate for the Garwhal region, Bijay Singh Rawat, said the decision seems to have been based on the assumption that there is an undercurrent in favour of the BJP and the government. This led to the massive advertisement campaign launched by the NDA government under the banner of ``India Shining'' by spending huge amount of tax payers' money for their personnel benefit to remain in power.

Accusing the NDA government at the Centre of following a policy that has ruined the country's economy with the industrial activity sharply declining and leading to unemployment in every sector.

Mr Rawat said the people have started realising that the country's future in the hands of BJP and its allies was not safe as the country had also witnessed the largest number of incidents of communal violence during these period.

He accused the Central Government of destroying the Public Distribution System, which has adversely affected the common people. The government has also distorted the public health system and education is also being fully commercialised.

Similarly the domestic industry was being forced to close down in the name of globalisation. He alleged that while foreign multinational companies were being given all facilities in the name of ``level playing field'', the same was not applicable to the Indian counterparts.

This government was also involved with number of ``scams'' starting with the Tehelka episode, the coffin scam, UTI scam, the telecom scam and many more, he alleged. -- UNI