Couple fleeced by fake TTEs

NEW DELHI, OCT. 11. Incidents of fake train ticket examiners (TTEs) cheating passengers by fleeing with their travel tickets just before the start of their journey are becoming commonplace at almost all the railways stations of the Capital.

In yet another incident, a couple of fake TTEs gave two families a horrifying time this afternoon when they decamped with their AC III tickets when they were about to board the train at New Delhi railway station. Though the alert railway employees at the reservation counter prevented the fake TTEs from getting the tickets refunded, the victims had to pay a penalty for travelling without valid tickets.

A few minutes before the departure of the Kerala Express this afternoon, the fake TTEs approached the two families and asked for their tickets, booked for seven passengers. While they were "examining" the tickets, the train started moving and the fake TTEs fled with their tickets. Though the victims raised an alarm, but they preferred not to chase the fake TTEs and got inside the train.

Meanwhile, the fake TTEs reached the reservation counters to get the tickets cancelled and collect the refund amount.

But thanks to the new rule of the railways, where a passenger needs to show his identification proof to get ticket cancelled at the time of departure of train, the employee at the reservation counter asked for their identification.

Sensing trouble, the duo fled from the spot.

Meanwhile, a message was flashed to the station authorities at Agra and the passengers were informed about the recovery of their tickets and were also asked to present a claim to get the penalty amount back.

Following the incident, railway authorities have stepped us security at railway stations and security personnel have been asked to launch a drive against touts and other unscrupulous elements functioning at stations and platforms.

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