Cop held for `framing' relative in rape case

Staff Reporter

"U.P. policeman wanted to settle scores because of an old dispute"

NEW DELHI: A woman who had alleged that three men had criminally assaulted her in a moving car in North-East Delhi on Friday night was apparently acting at the behest of a constable of the Uttar Pradesh police who had promised to pay her Rs. 3,000. The constable has been arrested by the North-East Delhi police on the charge of wanting to settle score with his relatives and conspiring with the woman to frame them in a case of criminal assault.

According to the police, the woman, identified as a resident of Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad, was found in a dishevelled state near the pontoon bridge in New Usmanpur around 11-45 p.m. on Friday. She alleged that some persons had criminally assaulted her in a moving car and then dumped her in the bushes near the bridge.

The woman claimed that as she was in need of money for her sister's operation, she had approached one Vinod, whom she knew, and who told her that he knew somebody in Delhi who could arrange the money for her. Then, she charged that Vinod asked her to accompany her in his white Maruti car to Delhi. On the way, two more persons joined in and all three of them criminally assaulted them in the moving vehicle.

The woman was taken to GTB Hospital where a medical examination was carried out. The doctors told the police that there were no signs of woman being subjected to sexual assault. The police also summoned counsellors from a non-government organisation who too found no truth in her claims.

Investigations also revealed that all the accused -- Vinod, Suresh and Brahm -- were at their houses at the time the crime had allegedly occurred. The police then questioned the woman at length following which she allegedly confessed to having lied at the instance of Constable Ram Kumar, posted at the Mussoorie police station in Ghaziabad. Ram Kumar was subsequently arrested.

The police said Vinod was a relative of Ram Kumar and there was some dispute between them. Last July, Vinod had lodged a criminal complaint against the constable's brother.

In a bid to settle scores, Ram Kumar allegedly asked the woman in question to pose as a victim of criminal assault and promised to pay her Rs. 3,000.

Ram Kumar had shown Vinod's photographs to the woman and had also instructed her to mention a white Maruti car in her complaint as Vinod owned a car of the same make and colour.

In her statement before the magistrate, the woman confessed to having been part of the conspiracy hatched by the constable.

The police are now contemplating action against her.