Ceramic art from Down Under

From the State of Victoria in Australia come 25 contemporary ceramic artists, each with a unique approach to the traditions of their art and each with a point of view to explore or a story to tell.

Opening at Delhi's Gallery Twenty-Five on August Kranti Marg this Friday is an exhibition representing contemporary ceramic art that will give art lovers an insight into each artist's response to their world. It has been organised by Victorian Ceramic Group and Delhi Blue Pottery Trust.

The exhibition, "Impressed -- Australian Contemporary Ceramics'', celebrates the traditional skills and values that are the foundation of this contemporary practice. However, ceramic art reflects more than just this. This exhibition also showcases the finest porcelains through slip casting bodies, stoneware and earthenware to coarse clays that withstand the rigours of "raku" firing.

"Australian ceramic art is characterised by diversity and vitality and the tradition of ceramic practice is comparatively short in this country. Therefore our artists are less restrained by any particular tradition and have had the freedom and privilege to gather information and techniques from around the world. The ancient ceramic traditions, stretching back thousands of years, of Japan and England, are important reference points for many artists", said an organiser.

Be it Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the United States or Oceania, the best contemporary ceramic art reflects both the traditions of the makers and their vision for the future.

The exhibition is open up to March 31.