Centre not to confront judiciary

Staff Reporter

Urban Development Ministry to route all matters through courts

NEW DELHI: The Union Urban Development Ministry has decided not to interfere in the demolitions drive being carried out in the Capital under the supervision of the courts.

Highly reliable sources in the Ministry said the Central Government was not in a mood to confront the judiciary by making an effort to change the existing laws to protect the interests of violators. Rather, the Ministry was of the view that it was better to route all such matters through the courts.

"The courts will pass the orders and we will go back to it with the action taken report," said an official speaking on condition of anonymity. He added that a similar exercise to stall demolitions at Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra has fallen by the way side as the Governor refused to give the nod for an ordinance in this regard.

Sources added that the public administration machinery, under the watchful eyes of the courts, will "grind slowly but surely". Be it the violators of the Lutyens' Bungalow Zones or those in the Sainik Farms, the law will catch up with all of them though the speed would be slow, they added. However, these two particular violators could well be the last ones to be targeted.

The Ministry also has taken a practical view of the entire demolition exercise. It is not much bothered about minor alterations within the houses. But blatant encroachments, like places where three-storey buildings have been built on what should have been a road or a public park, would not be tolerated.

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