Bending it like Beckham

BRINGING ALIVE THE MAGIC: Shemaroo has released VCDs and DVDs on Beckham.  

Football wonder's genius can now be seen on VCDs and DVDs

David Beckham will now really be "bending" it. While football fans all over the world might be waiting with bated breath to catch him living up to his reputation in the ongoing World Cup matches, he will certainly not disappoint in these recorded ones. He might not be live, but he certainly is bending it.

Looking at the hero in his non-Gurinder Chadha avatar, soccer fans can now relive his best moments on video. And bringing alive the magic is Shemaroo that has launched "Really Bend It Like Beckham" on VCDs and DVDs.

A good way to cash in on football mania, this video shot on high-definition has easy-to-use sections for soccer buffs. With the game broken down into control, space making skills, passing and working for space, turning skills, forward play, crossing, closing down and defending, finishing and free kicks, it doesn't get better than this.

Apart from showcasing the legendary Beckham in his best form, "Really Bend It Like Beckham'' also has extra footage with behind-the-scenes moments with him. While the video is a treat for any football fan, it is really more than just about the love of the game.

"It is baffling that in a nation of a billion people, young talents aren't making it to the international arena. This (Really Bend it like Beckham) is an excellent video for two reasons. First, it will be a great learning opportunity for emerging players, almost like learning from the legend himself, and prove to be a great encouragement. Second, it is an excellent video that will be enjoyed by all football fans,'' says Shemaroo vice-president Hiren Gada.

With all the rules of the game in place, this video has all that any football player today could need to know to absorb at least a bit of the Beckham magic. Thanks to technology that manages to capture and dissect his every move, viewers can see what really makes him "bend" it. The video also features highlights of Beckham's memorable matches, like the one between England and Argentina. -- Mandira Nayar