Beauty of seawater captured on canvas

ABSORBING: A painting by Kavita Nayar  

Madhur Tankha

NEW DELHI: A solo exhibition of paintings in pastels, glass sculptures and serigraphy on silkscreen opens at Shridharani Gallery in Triveni Kala Sangam here this Friday. Titled "Aquatic Energy... The Quiet Within", artist Kavita Nayar has portrayed both the beauty and the aggression of seawater in her works. The exhibition has been organised by Art Indus.

Having always been passionate about swimming, Kavita's new series of work reflects her fascination with water. Her work is governed by emotions, colours and images. As Kavita belongs to Kolkata, she has drawn inspiration from Rabindra Sarovar lake in the City of Joy for her works. Earlier, Kavita's works had the abstract images of human figures, twisted, elongated with agitated rhythmic movements, almost like in a dance.

The present series of works started from the calm and serene waters of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean in 2004. It was during the three-month sojourn as visiting faculty at the Department of Arts, Mauritius, that Kavita started jotting down all her experiences of being with the water, printing with pastels and making prints on silkscreen.

Kavita says she has basically depicted how seawater treats human beings. Naturally, she has also shown the tsunami and its devastating consequences. "I have portrayed the suffering of those devastated by it. Sometimes seawater is so full of energy and at other time it becomes quiet. Through my work, I also wanted to relive the beautiful hues, the smell, the force, the energy, the calm, the sense of freedom and, of course, the rage too that is inherent in seawater."

Swimming in the lakes of Sweden -- always during dusk -- was a totally different experience for the artist. "Each time I would swim deeper into the lake away from the shore, I would have this feeling of being engulfed and choked by the still waters."

Kavita will be exhibiting 35 works in serigraphy, pastels and sculptural works in glass.

The show will be on up to March 24.