Animation week in Capital

Lakshmi B. Ghosh

NEW DELHI: It's a world stretching to infinity, a dream sequence that seldom leaves people disappointed. As the Capital gears up for more than one film festival this week, showcasing the brilliant world of animation -- where everything is possible -- will be a film festival that will take the audience beyond the real world. From a disgruntled housewife who finds solace in a television soap to a cartoon character on a self-discovery trip to a hot discussion on existence between two doodles and the birthday party of a silkworm, alternative is the buzzword at this animation festival inaugurated on Monday. India International Centre is playing host to "Festival Cine Anamacion Alternativa", a festival of animation films featuring works from Spain, Japan, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

A celebration of the animation world and the creative people behind it, the festival will see nearly 34 films. Opening with "Encarna" on Monday, the festival saw the screening of "Animal", "Time of Solea", "The Tumouse Show", "Portrait of D", "Cut", "Mr. Cloth", "Mum's Birthday", "Music for the Perplexed" and "Myth of the Minotaur". Tuesday will see the festival showcase "The Ghost", "Christmas Thief", "Top Gum", "How will I wash it", "Chick", "Cytoplasm in an Acid Medium", "The Balloon" and "He who cheats does not win", which is a visual interpretation of a Spanish song "Quien Engana No Gana".

By now well acknowledged for their distinct style and imaginative presentations, offering an insight into the world of Japanese animation on Friday will be the well known Japanese animation director Yasuhiro Imagawa who will also present clippings from his popular works such as "Mr. Ajikko", "G. Gundun", "Giant Robo", "The Seven Nana" and "Tetsujin 28".

A treat that few animation lovers would not want to miss, it will be time to check out films from Britain and the Netherlands on Saturday, with the British Council screening as many as 16 films from the two countries. These will include films like "The Wrong Brothers", "Feeling My Way", "Hilary", "Triangle", "The Little Princess", "Unison", "Rein", "Silence" and "Hotspot"; from the Netherlands camp it will be "Letter for Carter", "Pas a Deux", "On Land, at Sea and in the Air", "3 Misses", "Uncles and Aunts 1 & III" and "The Water People".