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`DEALING' WITH TERRORISM: Malayalam film-maker, Jayaraj, in New Delhi on Tuesday. Photo: S. Subramanium

`DEALING' WITH TERRORISM: Malayalam film-maker, Jayaraj, in New Delhi on Tuesday. Photo: S. Subramanium  

His film may have presented a solution to terrorism, but Tuesday morning brought more than a grim reminder of ground realities to film-maker Jayaraj. A day after his film "Daivanamathil" (In the name of God) dealing with terrorism was screened in the Capital, the attack on the disputed site at Ram Janmbhoomi has reconfirmed his fears.

Dealing with the life of Muslim youth who are misled into terrorism in the name of fighting Hindu fundamentalism, Jayaraj's film portrayed the victory of love over hatred, though at the cost of innocent lives.

"What happened this morning is unfortunately the truth. And it will only make matters worse. A red alert has been already sounded across the country, but then who are the sufferers? Because of a handful of misled youngsters who decided to take to the violent path, the blame will be put on an entire community," he rues.

Describing the process of making the film as "special", Jayaraj admits that he had to think many times before accepting the script written by Aryadan Shoukath. "It was a very sensitive topic, and being a Hindu I was not very sure if I understand the problems and complexities well. I had at least ten sittings with Shoukath before deciding to take up the issue, which is very close to my heart. But I am very proud of it today,'' he adds.

For Shoukath, it was just as important an issue. It was the emergence of a fundamental streak in his friend that introduced him to the problem. Reacting to Tuesday's event, the script writer-cum-producer said: "No one wants to settle the Ayodhya issue. Both the religious sides involved in the dispute have only been working towards keeping the issue burning. Terrorism is not the solution. And our film was an attempt to tell people that you cannot use minority terrorism to counter majority terrorism." — Lakshmi B. Ghosh

— Lakshmi B. Ghosh

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